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Trina Rambeaux: Certified SFR® Superstar!

Updated: Jun 1

Hold on to your hats, folks! Trina Rambeaux from Rainbeaux Realty has just leveled up in the real estate game by earning the prestigious Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource® (SFR®) certification from the National Association of REALTORS®! 🎉

What Does This Mean?

For our beloved buyers and sellers, this is great news! Trina's new superpowers include:

  • Navigating Complex Short Sales: Think of her as your trusty guide through the tricky terrain of short sales.

  • Foreclosure Opportunities: She can help buyers snag amazing deals on foreclosure properties.

How Did She Do It?

The journey wasn't easy, but Trina smashed it by:

  • Completing rigorous training on seller qualification, lender negotiations, buyer protection, and risk limitation.

  • Staying updated with the latest national and state-specific information on distressed properties.

What's in It for You?

With Trina's newfound skills, you get:

  • Expert Guidance: Whether you're selling or buying, Trina's got the know-how to make it a smooth sail.

  • Peace of Mind: She's trained to protect your interests and limit any risks.

For more on what this awesome certification means, check out

So, if you’re diving into the world of distressed properties, make sure to have Trina by your side. Rainbeaux Realty just got a whole lot brighter! 🌈🏡


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